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Liens Cases in Loveland

Securing Your Debt for a More Secure Future

Debt is not always easy to get rid of, but for certain individuals it could be a saving grace in achieving what they want. Liens help with this, liens are legal recordings of debt that must be paid to a creditor by a debtor. This is typically used toward acquiring real estate, coming in the form of mortgages that must be paid off in order to fully claim ownership over the property. However, that is not the only form of lien that is available.

If you are looking to take out a loan, or are in danger of losing your assets due to a lien, it is extremely important that you contact a Loveland liens attorney with your best interests in mind. With 30 years of experience our attorneys have the knowledge to protect you from liens that you will not be able to pay and inform you of the documentation you need to take out a lien.

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Other Forms of Lien

Lien is not only used for buying a home, it is also used for professional purposes that will assist the debtor in continuing their line of work.

Other forms of liens include:

  • Cattle Liens – Liens that assist with the raising and maintenance of livestock.
  • Mechanic Liens – Liens that typically assist with purchasing of large quantities of construction materials.
  • Oil & Gas Liens – Liens associated with industries that include gas, oil, & pipelines.
  • Tax Liens – Liens that assist with the payment of state and federal taxes.

If you no longer have the ability to pay off your lien then the creditor has the right to create a judgment lien which will liquidate your assets in order to pay off the remainder of the loan.

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