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Stephanie M. Fournier


Stephanie M. Fournier joined Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin in 2016 as an associate attorney practicing in the areas of family law and divorce including divorce-related issues such as child custody and child support. Stephanie continues to primarily practice in all areas of family law including contested divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and guardianships, and has expanded her practice to include the areas of criminal defense and DUI & DWAI. Stephanie understands that not all family disputes start and end with divorce or child custody alone. Many arise after criminal charges have been brought by one party against the other. Stephanie’s broad range of practice allows her to cater directly to clients whether they are going through a contested divorce and child custody battle or they are facing criminal charges. Stephanie helps her clients remain calm during what is bound to be one of the most stressful and emotionally taxing moments in their lives.

Early Experience & Education

Prior to joining our firm Attorney Stephanie Fournier participated in the University of Denver’s Civil Litigation Clinic representing clients in civil protection order cases and acting as a guardian ad litem and interned at the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office. While at the Boulder District Attorney’s Office Attorney Stephanie Fournier worked closely with the lead attorney in the Juvenile Prosecution Unit and on numerous County Court cases.

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At our firm, Stephanie continues to apply the skills she acquired through the Civil Litigation Clinic and her time at the Boulder District Attorney’s Office to her practice today. If you need assistance with a family law issue or another related matter, Stephanie will provide you with reliable guidance through every stage of your case's development. She provides a compassionate yet strong, client-centered approach to lawyering where maintaining clear communication with her clients and fighting for their rights is essential to her practice. Get your questions answered during an initial consultation.

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