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Don't Face Difficult Family Law Issues Alone

Families, now more than ever, face complex legal issues that can be emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. Problems such as parenting time or guardianship of grandchildren, modification of past divorce orders, or collection of past-due support can be complex and confusing to people not used to the legal system. Even when people want to reach agreements, the forms and processes needed to reach that agreement officially can be daunting.

To make your family law case easier for everyone, come to Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.. Our experienced family law attorneys can stand by your side and help you navigate the system, no matter what complexities might be on the horizon.

Why Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.?

  • Focused on amicable, timely results
  • Hundreds of Colorado families helped
  • Proven litigators and negotiators
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If you need assistance with any family law issue, choose us as your representatives, first and foremost. We can guide you through each step of the process, zealously protect your rights and interests, and enable you to make well-informed decisions.

To request an initial consultation, call (720) 809-8310 at your earliest convenience. We can meet with you at one of our offices in Broomfield, Longmont, and Loveland.

Call Us Whenever You Need Legal & Moral Support

If you are moving through a difficult family law related matter and don’t want to go it alone, make things easier on yourself by leaning on our experienced team of Colorado family law attorneys. When we say we have seen all sorts of family law and divorce cases, we mean it. Our attorneys have been there to handle some of the most complex legal situations Colorado courts have seen, and we have stood steadfast by our clients all the while.

Dial (720) 809-8310 to get more information about your rights and options for your family law case.

Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

At Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., our Colorado family lawyers have ample experience handling a wide range of divorce and family law cases.

To name only a few case types we handle:

  • Adoption: Looking to grow your family through adoption? Keep the stress out of this wonderful legal process by allowing us to guide you through it.
  • Child custody: You should be a part of your child’s life after a divorce. With a fair child custody order, you can be. Let us help you fight for full or joint child custody, whichever is best for your child.
  • Child support: Whether you need to pay child support or deserve to receive it, our lawyers can help with that process. We will strive to establish a fair and effective child support amount.
  • Divorce: Ending a marriage can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We are some of the most experienced divorce attorneys in Colorado, and we are standing by to be of assistance!
  • Domestic violence: Victims of domestic violence can come to our firm for help filing for restraining and protective orders. Our trial experience and criminal defense backgrounds also mean we are capable of defending people from domestic violence accusations.
  • Fathers' rights: Even today, fathers have difficulties in the family law court due to societal biases that assume they are not good with children. We fight diligently to erase this bias and uphold your rights as a father in a divorce or child custody dispute.
  • Grandparents’ rights and visitation: Grandparents have certain rights to see and care for their grandchildren. They can also petition to get custody of their grandchildren if there is reason to believe a biological parent cannot provide adequate care.
  • Marital and prenuptial agreements: You can solve potential divorce complications even before you ever get married by drafting a prenuptial agreement. This document details what to do during a divorce, just in case.
  • Mothers' rights: Do not let a controlling husband boss you around during your divorce or child custody dispute. Talk to our mothers’ rights attorneys today for all the legal help you need.
  • Property division: Splitting up your shared property in a divorce must be done fairly in Colorado, not equally. We are here to help determine what would be equitable and argue before the court for it if need be.

No matter what your case may be, you can rest easier knowing our legal team has the skills and knowledge you need to best negotiate and present your case. The real world and courtroom experiences we have had throughout our decorated careers as family law attorneys become your advantage when you choose us as your legal representatives.

Probate FAQ

If you have a quick question about probate law, this frequently asked questions list might have the answer. Please feel free to give it a quick review. If you have further questions please call (720) 809-8310. We look forward to seeing how we can help!
  • Q:Do I need to prove the reason for the divorce?

    A:You do not need to prove any grounds for divorce in Colorado. The Court will not ask you to describe why you are getting a divorce. The spouse filing for divorce just needs to tell the court that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” There is no need to prove that there was infidelity, abuse, or gross financial mismanagement in order to get a divorce, though those issues may impact some of the issues to be settled or determined in the divorce case.

  • Q:How is parenting time split by Colorado family law courts?

    A:The court, by default, assumes that a child benefits the most from spending time with each parent and that both parents should be able to participate in decision-making on behalf of the child equally. The Court orders specific parenting plans based on the best interests of the child, and the circumstances of the parties determines the best schedule.

  • Q:Do mothers get priority in child custody orders?

    A:Neither mothers nor fathers have priority in child custody cases. The Court uses the best interests of the child as a guide to make orders concerning the child. The Court prioritizes the child’s needs over the parents’ needs.

  • Q:What is marital property in a divorce?

    A:All assets and debts accumulated while married are presumed to be marital property. There are a few exceptions, including inheritances and gifts. However, even inheritances or gifts can become marital property if they are used in certain ways, such as purchasing a joint asset. During a divorce, the court will to divide all marital property equitably. Equitable distribution is based on what is found to be fair, not necessarily equal.

  • Q:How is paternity established?

    A:Paternity can be established in three ways in Colorado. First, paternity is automatically assigned to the man who is married to a woman when she gives birth unless he denies paternity at the time of birth. Second, paternity can be voluntarily assigned if both parents agree. Last, a court order can assign paternity, such as in a contentious divorce, after a paternity test and analysis of the child’s relationship with each possible father is conducted.

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