Carson Harkins

Carson Harkins


Carson brings a dynamic blend of ambition, intellect, and passion to his role at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., where he joined Matthew Crowther's team in October 2023. Hailing from Ohio, he pursued his higher education at the University of Chicago, graduating with a bachelor's degree in philosophy in 2023. Driven by a profound desire to practice law, Carson sought new horizons and relocated to Denver to serve as a paralegal specializing in personal injury law.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Carson finds fulfillment in the simple pleasures of home life alongside his wife, Elizabeth, and their cherished kittens, Aurora and Rocky. With a penchant for exploration, he eagerly immerses himself in Colorado's breathtaking landscapes, continually seeking new experiences. An enthusiastic supporter of Cleveland-based sports teams, Carson remains engaged with the sports world and follows his teams closely.

Carson's motivation is rooted in the opportunity to enact positive change within the legal sphere, particularly within personal injury law. He eagerly anticipates the rewarding experiences and challenges that lie ahead, embracing the excitement of his journey in the legal profession.

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