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Our Construction Attorneys Can Help Protect You

Whether you are a subcontractor, general contractor, or developer, our Longmont construction attorneys are prepared to assist you with all of your construction legal needs. We understand that being in the construction field you may be dealing with a lot of legalities and we are here to just make things a little easier.

At Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., we are experienced in multiple areas of the construction profession, including:

  • Project Oversight
  • Damages
  • Bonding over Liens
  • Special Proceedings for Injunctive Relief
  • Contracts
  • Defects
  • Defending/Prosecuting Breach of Contracts
  • Vacating/Filing Liens

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When Do I Need to Call a Construction Attorney

In the event that there are any problems with the actual building, or even the design of the project the constructor may be liable for any current, or future, damages made to the construction.

Defects can have last effects and some common defects found in construction include:

  • Cracks that are found in the floor’s foundation - can indicate an extremely expensive problem that needs to be fixed with the entire foundation.
  • Mold – If there are areas within the construction that contains high levels of moisture then the construction can suffer from mold growths, deterioration of wood, and many other problems.
  • Problems with the Drainage – Flooding is one of the most expensive things that can go wrong with a construction site and when a construction did not account for, or installed improper drainage, there is an extremely high chance the construction site can flood.
  • Flooding in the Basement – Inadequate drainage can lead to a structures lowest floor to flood and cause water erosion to the foundation, or any other main components of the structure.
  • Leaking from the Windows – When windows are installed improperly the moisture let in can damage the inside of the building
  • Electrical Systems – If electrical systems are improperly installed there can be a huge problem and could lead to an unexpected fire.

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