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Family legal matters can be complex and when contested issues tear families apart these conflicts become even more difficult to handle due to the heightened emotions at play. Our Longmont family law attorneys are experienced when dealing with a range of family law issues, guiding our clients through their specific cases with the dedication and compassion they deserve.

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It can be particularly difficult to begin severing connections with an individual that you have shared such an intimate life with through a divorce or legal separation. With knowledgeable and compassionate representation our attorneys can guide you through your Colorado divorce case and outline your separation options. While divorce is the go to legal solution for many feuding couples, a contested divorce is often not the cheapest and easiest option. Many separating couples opt for a more collaborative or uncontested divorce, or early attempts at mediation or negotiated settlement.

An uncontested divorce is when both parties are cooperatively separating their lives and are largely in agreement on the terms of their parenting plan, property division, and financial issues. This is typically the least expensive and quickest option for a divorcing couple because both parties can work together to lay out the terms of their separation and proceed immediately to signing all of the documents necessary for the court to finalize their case.

However - we understand that it is often not an option for divorcing couples to communicate with each other in an uncontested manner. In such cases such, where the spouses are still willing to deal with each other with the assistance and guidance of a skilled family attorney, early mediation might be a good option. Mediation is a process wherein all of the issues that need to be resolved are discussed in a setting with a trained alternative dispute resolution professional. With the expertise and guidance of a Longmont divorce attorney, a mediated agreement can often be reached to settle all issues.

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At Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., our family law attorneys have 30 years of experience assisting families going through the difficult process of divorce or legal separation. Our firm prides itself on providing the kind of representation that keeps your family’s best interest in mind, fighting to ensure you keep those that are closest to you in the long run.

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