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Mother's rights in custody and divorce cases need the protection that an experienced and effective attorney can provide. Statutory changes push courts to share parenting time unless parties can specifically show why that would not be in the child’s best interests. An attorney can assist you in expressing your child’s needs and interests to the court. Sometimes mothers in a marriage or co-parenting relationship take on more of the household and child care tasks.

This may be a decision made by a couple during a marriage, or this can be the result of a father who is just not as active or involved as a co-parent. Mothers who do more of the direct care for children and management of a household can end up in an apparent financial disadvantage when a marriage ends, or when a father is unwilling to support his children and family.

A wife or mother may have forgone advancement in her education and employment, and may not be able to support herself and her children without significant assistance from a husband or the children's father. If you are in such a situation, you may feel there is no way for you to protect your rights and insure your and your children's best interests, however state law allow spouses to request financial assistance with fees and costs as well as support.

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Colorado statutes recognize the important roles mothers play in their children’s lives, and the need for consistency of care for the children’s best interests. Whether mom was a primary caregiver, or the primary wage earner, her parenting time and activity with decision making is imperative to the children’s well being.

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A mother or spouse who earns significantly less than a father or husband may also be entitled to assistance with her attorney fees and costs associated with:

When a mother or wife is the primary breadwinner for a family, she may need the assistance of legal counsel to protect what she has earned and protect her ability to support herself and her children in the future. Additionally, her parenting rights should not be diminished by her willingness to support the family, in the same way that Colorado law now protects father's rights.

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