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The relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are often important, loving relationships that should be preserved in the child's best interests. Unfortunately, 30 years of experience have shown us that family disputes and changing circumstances can jeopardize these relationships. This is one reason clients turn to the family law team at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.

If you are the grandparent or great-grandparent of a child, you may have the right to regular visitation with your grandchild in situations where:

  • There is an existing divorce or custody case involving the child's parents
  • There has been a judicial placement of the child outside the immediate family
  • The child's parent (grandparent's child or the great-grandparent's grandchild) has died

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When Grandparents Are Not Eligible for Visitation Rights

In many cases, our family law team can help you secure visitation rights. However, it’s important to consider that specific legal conditions could limit your ability to obtain those rights, including:

  • The termination of the parental rights of the child's parents, which might restrict legal access to the child
  • The child's placement for adoption or the completion of the adoption process, altering the child's legal family structure
  • A lack of involvement by the child's parents in domestic relations, juvenile, or probate cases, which might require a different legal approach

In situations where the child's parent—who is the child of the grandparent or the grandchild of the great-grandparent seeking visitation—has passed away, additional legal avenues may be available.

This includes filing a motion to intervene in an existing case or initiating a new case to request visitation rights.

Grandparents or great-grandparents who have provided significant direct care for the child might have the opportunity to file for custody or visitation, emphasizing the child's need for continued contact with those who have played a pivotal role in their upbringing.

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