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Although commonly associated with drinking and driving, drivers can also be charged with a DUI or DWAI if they are suspected of being under the influence of marijuana or prescription drugs. A driver can be charged with a DUI if their blood contains 5 nanograms or more of delta-9 THC-the active substance in marijuana-per milliliter of blood, or if the driver has consumed drugs-including marijuana-that have affected the driver to a degree that the driver is substantially incapable of exercising clear judgment, sufficient physical control, or due care in operating their vehicle. A driver can be charged with a DWAI if the driver is affected by the consumption of drugs to the slightest degree. Our Colorado marijuana DUI lawyers at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. can vigorously defend you against these charges.

The criminal penalties for a first DUI or DWAI include:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Public services

Penalties Associated with Marijuana DUI Charges

Jail time may be reduced if the convicted driver agrees to participate in an alcohol treatment program. For a first DWAI conviction, jail time can range from 2 to 180 days; fines can range from $200 to $500; and the convicted driver may have to perform 24 to 48 hours of public service.

For a first DUI conviction:

  • Jail time can range from 5 days to one 1 year
  • Fines can range from $600 to $1,000
  • The convicted driver may have to perform between 48 and 96 hours of public service

In addition to the standard fines for DUI or DWAI violations, a convicted driver may have to pay court costs and other fees, charges, and penalties. Administrative penalties may be imposed in addition to criminal penalties. A driver's license will be suspended for 9 months if they have a BAC test of at least 0.08. For a first DWAI, a driver's license will not be suspended, but 8 points will be added to the driver's record. For a first DUI, a driver's license will be suspended for 9 months and 12 points will be added to the driver's record.

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