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If you receive a summons to appear in court-either by a ticket or citation-it is imperative you appear on the date and time noted and at the correct location. It is equally imperative to make any additional court dates or appointments given to you by the court, including meeting with your probation officer. Failing to do so can lead to a series of serious consequences. If you are dealing with a failure to appear charge, seek the help of Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. as soon as possible.

Bench Warrants for Failure to Appear

A person who fails to appear or report to court on their court date without an explanation will result in the court entering a bench warrant-meaning law enforcement is ordered to arrest the individual and take them into custody. If you think you have a good reason for not appearing, you may contact the court to request an extension for the court date, but the court may not grant it. Even if you have an explanation for failing to appear, the court may still enter a bench warrant for your arrest. The bench warrant will appear on any background check and it remains active until it is removed through court proceedings.

After arrest, the court may impose new conditions and terms of your bond, which often include stricter terms and a higher bond amount. In some cases, the court will set no bond, meaning you will not be released until you are brought in front of a judge.

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If you fail to appear, it is important to contact an experienced defense attorney who can inform you of your options and even quash your warrant. Contacting an attorney should be done as soon as possible after missing your court date. Our Colorado failure to appear attorneys have vast experience in handling failures to appear and can help minimize the effect of a missed appearance.

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