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When a person has lost the legal capability to make decisions independently but have not created a medical or financial durable power of attorney, the court may be asked to appoint a guardian to oversee their personal affairs. In the majority of cases, this power is granted to either a spouse, sibling, adult child, a third party professional, or another person with interest in the disabled person’s wellbeing. When a person is appointed as a guardian, they will be responsible for making personal decisions for their loved one including where they live, what type of medical treatment they should receive, and more.

Sometimes, disagreements can arise over who is best suited to be named the legal guardian. These disagreements often stem from long-standing divisions in a family. If you are struggling with a conservatorship or guardianship issue, you should involve an attorney right away.

At Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., we represent individuals when guardianship or conservatorship issues arise. A Colorado guardianship lawyer at our firm can help facilitate the resolution of disputes and protect the needs of your family member.

Our attorneys can help you resolve the following issues:

  • Who should serve as the appointed guardian
  • Whether your loved one is incapacitated to the extent that a guardianship is necessary
  • Any accusations of guardianship abuse or fraud
  • Any accusations of power of attorney abuse or fraud

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When family disagreements arise and mutual cooperation seems impossible, you can trust in our team to help guide you to a resolution. Our lawyers focus on protecting the best interests of disabled loved ones in as peaceable and timely a manner as possible. We have offices located in Longmont, Loveland, and Broomfield.

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