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Were you visiting someone else’s property when you slipped, fell, or got hurt? Whether you were at a friend’s house or shopping at a local business, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and related damages through a type of premises liability claim called a slip and fall accident claim. Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. in Broomfield can help you recover.

Our Broomfield slip and fall accident lawyers have decades of collective legal experience to put to good use when we represent our clients. We know the usual tactics that property insurers attempt to dodge liability as well as many of the uncommon strategies they employ. Turn our experiences and insight into your advantages by hiring our firm today.

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Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents

What caused your slip and fall accident? The answer is important for the validity of your claim because it will point us to liability. We can use a variety of investigative techniques to uncover the true cause of your accident and who should be held liable for the aftermath.

Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents are:

Wet surfaces

Spilled liquids, snow, and ice on tile floors are a recipe for disaster. Retail store owners and managers need to be especially careful to watch out for spills in aisles that are frequented by customers.

Broken sidewalks

A municipality like your local township can be liable for your trip and fall accident if a piece of jagged sidewalk caused you to trip or stumble. Suing a municipality is usually governed by a shorter statute of limitations, so you shouldn’t wait a week before exploring your legal options.

Lifted carpets or rugs

In locations with carpeting or rugs, trip and fall accidents can occur wherever those carpets and rugs are lifted, damaged, or frayed.

Unsafe stairs or steps

Proprietors should attempt to install handrails at every set of stairs or steps to protect visitors from tumbles. Without proper handrails, liability for a fall can be placed on the property owner.

Dark walkways

No walkway should be dimly lit when visitors are nearby. At the least, each room and hallway in a property should have an easily locatable light switch that can be used as needed.

What Damages Can You Seek in a Slip & Fall Case?

The damages of your slip and fall case are probably the most important part of the case for you. After all, without a fair amount of damages provided to you by the liable proprietor, your medical and financial recoveries could be stifled. We are careful to count each damage and file against all available insurance policies to give you a greater chance of getting maximized compensation.

Damages that can be listed in your slip and fall claim might include:

  • Medical treatments
  • Prescription medications
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent impairment
  • Disfigurement

Future costs are also necessary to calculate for a slip and fall case. If you suffered a broken bone, which is one of the most common types of injuries in a slip and fall accident, then you could be looking at months or years of rehabilitative therapies, for example. By factoring in likely future costs by coordinating with medical experts and occupational therapists, we can demand a more accurate amount of damage on your behalf.

Understanding Open & Obvious Hazards

In premises liability law, “open and obvious” hazards are hot topics that come up in most cases. When a hazard is located where a visitor can easily access it and it is noticeable enough that the property owner should have addressed it before anyone was hurt by it, the hazard matches the definition of one that is open and obvious. For example, a spilled bottle of cranberry juice in the middle of a grocery store aisle is an open and obvious hazard because shoppers are free to enter the aisle and the store staff should frequent the aisle often enough to clean the spill soon after it happens.

However, an open and obvious hazard doesn’t automatically benefit a slip and fall accident claimant. Many defendants try to argue that, if the hazard was so obvious, then why didn’t the claimant do a more reasonable job avoiding it altogether? To properly use an open and obvious hazard as evidence in your claim, you should leave things up to one of our attorneys.

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All of the answers to your questions about your slip and fall accident case are simple to find if you let our Broomfield slip and fall accident lawyers help you. We take pride in making injury claims stress-free for our clients by showing genuine compassion and care at each step along the way. If you want to get your case moving, then we ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

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