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Remembering Your Loved One with Legal Action

After losing a loved one in an untimely and avoidable accident, you can use a wrongful death claim to honor their name, seek justice, and get fair compensation for the tragedy. Any death that was caused by a negligent act that reasonably would have been avoided by someone in the same situation can constitute a wrongful death, so if your loved one died in an accident of any sort, Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. wants to hear from you. We are a team of talented and compassionate Broomfield wrongful death lawyers on a mission to make things right for families going through trying times.

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Damages for Grieving Families

The damages in your wrongful death claim are important, but you probably haven’t thought much about them because you’re going through the stages of grief. Allow yourself the time, space, and energy you need for self-care by handing your case over to us. We can work on calculating the maximum amount of damage and fighting for it on your behalf.

Damages that might apply to your wrongful death claim filed are:

  • Medical bills for the deceased’s final treatments
  • Burial and funeral expenses
  • Income the deceased could have earned had the accident not happened
  • Inheritance that family members will not receive due to the untimely death
  • Value of day-to-day care the deceased provided
  • Loss of companionship family members have suffered

Noneconomic damages in a wrongful death claim are capped in Colorado. If your damages would reach or exceed the cap, then our team can work diligently to make certain they are not reduced even further. Even if you acknowledge that money cannot undo the harm and emptiness left in your loved one’s absence, you still deserve every single penny of compensation available to you. In rare circumstances, the cap can be lifted, though, such as when someone passes away due to the intentional and malicious harm of another.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Colorado

Only certain people can file a wrongful death claim under Colorado law. Generally, the spouse or the children of the deceased have that right. If there are no such family members available, then the deceased’s parents can file a claim. Lastly, if there is still no clear claimant, then the court can assign the responsibility to someone with a valid interest in the deceased’s estate, such as an estate administrator or a beneficiary. At this point, the claim would technically be a “survival action,” not a wrongful death claim, but our firm can help you sort out the details all the same.

Keep in mind that whoever can file a wrongful death claim only has two years to do so. The two-year statute of limitations in Colorado begins on the date your loved one passed away, not necessarily when they were first injured or fell ill. If the two years pass and no legal action has been taken, then the court will likely dismiss any claims filed afterward.

Take Your Time While We Take Your Case

You and your family need time to grieve and get back on your feet after losing a loved one in a tragic accident. By handing your case to our Broomfield wrongful death attorneys, you will be handing yourself the important opportunity to do just that. We will drive your case forward as if we were representing ourselves because that is what we would expect if we were in the claimant’s seat.

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