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Adoption has the capacity to change your life for the better, as well as the life of your future child. Completing the adoption process may require you to maneuver through complex legal situations. The adoption may be contested by the child’s biological parent, or there could be a host of other legal challenges blocking your path.

Regardless of your circumstances, we’ll strive to ensure your adoption journey goes as smoothly as possible. Our Broomfield adoption attorneys have served prospective parents for more than 30 years, providing the highest quality of legal services and compassionate guidance on a variety of family law matters. If you’re considering an adoption, our skilled legal team can help your family flourish and grow.

Primary Types of Adoption in Colorado

Your unique path to adoption will depend on what type of adoption you’re seeking. Future parents have many options to welcome a new child into their home, but one requirement remains the same: The child you wish to adopt has to be considered “legally available” for the adoption process. This usually means that the parents of the child have had their parental rights terminated previously, are deceased, or are consenting to the adoption. It may also mean that the parents have not had a relationship with the child or provided support for the child for over a year.

The types of adoption you may be able to pursue include:

Guidance and Support During Your Adoption Process

Before you begin adoption, you may need to meet the state and/or international guidelines, and complete what is known as a “home study.” From multiple home interviews and examinations to detailed background checks, your entire life – and that of any current family members – will be up for discussion. The adoption process can take months or even years to complete.

When you need help completing your adoption, our Broomfield adoption attorneys can be your guide. We’ve assisted many clients with this complex life-changing process, and we understand the challenges that come with every adoption type. With our resources, skills, and experience, we’ll be your trusted advocates and help you navigate each new challenge.

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