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In the rural areas of Colorado, vast tracts of property can go years without notice, only to suddenly have two or more entities claiming title and demanding to know who owns what. Other times, land must be divided up among individuals or entities that simply cannot agree on a determination of ownership interests.

In hectic times like these, our Colorado real estate attorneys at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. put their experience and skills to work to achieve optimal results for their clients. Should you find yourself in just such a position, do not waste valuable time waiting to see what might happen. That is exactly what the other side is hoping you will do.

Can I Force a Sale of Co-Owned Property?

Yes, Colorado has a partition statute that allow one co-owner (tenants-in-common or joint-tenants) to petition the court to have a commissioner appointed to either divide (large acreage) or sell the property and split the proceeds on a contribution basis. The process usually involves the co-owners bidding against each other before the land is offered for public sale. The process is particularly useful to get rid of a nesting relative in estate property or to untangle property held by non-married couples.

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