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When a contractor, subcontractor, or other party is found in breach of a construction contract, litigation may be necessary. In these complex matters, having a skilled professional on your side is vital to protecting your rights and best interests. The legal team at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. understand the nuances of these cases and can guide your claim in accordance with the state’s Construction Defect Action Reform Act (CDARA).

Cases We Regularly Handle

Our attorneys fully understand the intricacies of construction law and have an in-depth knowledge of the regulations and practices involved in litigating a claim.

We routinely represent the following during litigation:

  • Construction firms
  • Suppliers
  • Builders
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Landowners

We are a full-service firm with more than three decades of professional practice in Colorado. Our well-earned reputation of success in handling a range of complicated cases is based on our strategy of providing focused, effective, and personalized legal services in and out of the courtroom.

Do You Have a Construction Claim?

Construction contracts must be thoughtfully drafted, thoroughly reviewed, and followed to the letter. Issues small and large can lead to litigation between the contracted parties, particularly when these parties cannot settle through mediation out of court.

Common reasons for litigation include:

  • Nonpayment where one party refuses to pay for completed work.
  • Delays when a party will not stay on task and entire projects are delayed. These issues can lead to significant monetary loses and a claim may allow the wronged party to seek full and fair compensation for the delay.
  • Construction defects that make the property uninhabitable, such as when building were not built to code, corners were cut, or there are issues that will cost the owner more to fix in the future.

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Our construction litigation attorneys in Loveland handle cases for defendants, plaintiffs, and those looking for advice on a potential litigation issue. We can help you understand your rights and we will find a solution that is personalized to your particular circumstances. Our lawyers have in-depth experience in handling litigation related to a wide range of construction issues and you can turn to us for the reliable legal guidance you need.

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