Matthew A. Crowther & Stephanie M. Fournier Accepted To Lawyers of Distinction

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June 14, 2021

The Lawyers of Distinction is pleased to announce Matthew A. Crowther and Stephanie M. Fournier have been certified as distinguished 2021 Members of Lawyers of Distinction. Lawyers of Distinction is recognized as the fastest growing community of distinguished lawyers in the United States. Members are accepted based upon objective evaluation of an attorney’s qualifications, license, reputation, experience, and disciplinary history. Please see for further details concerning membership qualification.

As an attorney at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., Matthew Crowther’s practice emphasizes all areas of personal injury, criminal defense, and civil litigation from pre-filing representation through trial. Matt’s personal injury practice has encompassed auto accidents, premises liability, wrongful death, and bad faith denial of claims. He has also defended clients facing criminal charges with possible penalties ranging from small fines to life imprisonment.

“My goal is to educate my clients and ensure that they receive the best possible results. I work hard to inform my clients in what to expect at each stage of the process and avoid unwelcome surprises. To achieve this goal, I give each client the time and attention they need, while aggressively defending their rights. I bring a combination of inventiveness, persistence, and genuine friendliness to my practice. Add my reputation for professionalism and integrity, and it’s easy to see how I continue to earn the respect of prosecutors and other attorneys across the state. Experience has shown that my professional approach can streamline a case—allowing the client to achieve more beneficial results.”

Stephanie M. Fournier practice with Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin focuses in the areas of family law and divorce including divorce-related issues such as contested divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and guardianships, and has expanded her practice to include the areas of criminal defense and DUI & DWAI. Stephanie understands not all family disputes start and end with divorce or child custody alone. Many arise after criminal charges have been brought by one party against the other. Stephanie’s broad range of practice allows her to cater directly to clients whether they are going through a contested divorce and child custody battle or they are facing criminal charges. Stephanie helps her clients remain calm during what is bound to be one of the most stressful and emotionally taxing moments in their lives.

“My overall goal in working with clients is to be sure that my clients feel heard, they feel understood and they feel their interests are being represented to the fullest extent possible. I want my clients to feel as if my team and I listened to their concerns, understand where they are coming from and that we did everything we could do to secure the best outcome possible.”

Lawyers of Distinction Members have been selected based upon a review and vetting process by our Selection Committee utilizing U.S. Provisional Patent # 62/743,254. The platform generates a numerical score of 1 to 5 for each of the 12 enumerated factors which are meant to recognize the applicant’s achievements and peer recognition. All applicants must be licensed to practice law. Members are then subject to a final review for ethical violations within the past ten years before confirmation of Membership. A Lawyers of Distinction Nomination does not guarantee membership and attorneys may not pay a fee to be nominated. Attorneys may nominate to Lawyers of Distinction their peers whom they feel warrant consideration. The determination of whether an attorney qualifies for Membership is based upon the aforementioned proprietary analysis discussed above. Membership is not meant to infer any endorsement of Lawyers of Distinction by any of the 50 United States Bar Associations or The District of Columbia Bar Association. Any references to “excellent,” “excellence,” or “distinguished” are meant to refer to the Lawyers of Distinction organization only and not to any named member individually.

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