Types of Alimony

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May 4, 2017

Alimony, otherwise known as spousal maintenance in Colorado, can either be short-term, long-term, or permanent. These payments are made periodically, on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, for the specified amount of time. Permanent alimony is becoming something of a rarity, though the term is sometimes used in reference to any spousal maintenance orders that extend beyond the final date of dissolution.

Temporary Alimony

This is also referred to as pendent lite alimony, which lasts through the separation, and ends once the divorce is finalized. This form of alimony is typically awarded through a temporary court order, intended to help maintain the lifestyle of the receiving spouse during the divorce proceedings.

Rehabilitative Alimony

This form of spousal support is awarded for a fixed period of time, intended to give the ex-spouse payment to pursue either an education, job training, or job experience to become self-sufficient. In some cases, it can also be awarded to the custodial parent of young children, so that he or she may stay home and care for them until they reach school age. The period of time is set either through an agreement made by both parties or through a court mandated timeline.

Reimbursement Alimony

If an ex-spouse financially assisted the other party complete schooling or job training to build a career, he or she may seek reimbursement alimony for these expenses.

Permanent Alimony

Permanent alimony continues until the death of an ex-spouse. It may also end or be modified if the receiving ex-spouse remarries. However, in some cases, spousal support may continue after death.

Lump Sum

To avoid having to make regular payments, it is possible for alimony to be made in one lump sum payment. Some might not want to risk missing a payment, or would like to move on with life without having to be reminded of their past every month. This requires the approval of both parties as well as the court.

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