Tips for Driving in the Sun

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December 28, 2017

When the sun reaches a certain point on the horizon, it can seem blinding. This increases the risk of an accident because drivers can’t focus on the road as well, and they may fail to see pedestrians, red lights, or other drivers in front of them. Furthermore, even when the sun is high, reflections off of other cars and your own mirrors can cause you to squint.

Here’s what you need to do to reduce sun glare and increase your safety on the road:

  1. Avoid driving at certain times of the day. The early morning period and evening time are when the sun is the lowest. This means you may have to drive with the sun right in front of you. If possible, avoid driving during these times.
  2. Use proper eyewear. While driving during the day, you can reduce sun glare by wearing protective glasses. Polarized sunglasses can provide glare relief and reduce the strain on your eyes during the daytime. They can also help you avoid squinting and improve your visibility during the day.
  3. Use your visor. When the sun is low, using your visor can provide some relief. While a visor does not protect against all sun glare, it can protect you from looking directly at the rays of the sun, especially if you don’t have glasses. This can help you avoid temporary blindness while driving.
  4. Drive cautiously. If the sun is low or you are having trouble seeing clearly due to sun glare, you should maintain a safe and legal speed and keep your distance from other cars. Because sun glare can cause temporary blindness, it is important to drive cautiously and to practice defensive driving habits. This can increase your safety on the road.

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