I've Been Arrested for a Crime-What Will Come Next?

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January 20, 2017

There is a common misconception that those arrested for a crime will automatically lead to a conviction. As Longmont criminal defense attorneys, we know that nothing is certain when facing the criminal justice system. However, the law does state that every person is “innocent until proven guilty.” Therefore, in order to be convicted, you must first be charged with an offense.

The Criminal Process

After an arrest, an investigator must evaluate every aspect concerning the arrest. Was there enough probable cause? Is the evidence sufficient enough to lead to charges? You have the right to retain an attorney at any point after being arrested and during the investigation period before charges can be filed.

Our Longmont criminal defense attorneys can offer legal guidance and help you understand what might come next during the course of the criminal case. Here is what you might expect:

  1. Investigators may request that you appear at the police station for questioning. While many people believe that this is mandatory, that is simply untrue. You do not have to provide any statements to the police, as these can be later used against you if charges are pressed.
  2. During questioning, law enforcement’s objective is to force you to admit to wrongdoing. They press heavily, and use a variety of tactics to gain a confession.
  3. Once you retain a criminal defense lawyer, for the most part, law enforcement might abandon questioning. Without enough basis for charging a crime, the case could get dropped.

Remember that an arrest does not automatically lead to being charged. When your criminal defense team steps in, your attorney can negotiate with the prosecutors and investigators. Some of the evidence may not be substantial enough to file charges.

Why Hire a Longmont Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. reviews a criminal charge, we look at every aspect of the case; that includes all of the background information, any circumstances that could open up the possibility that you were that you did not commit the crime or that you should be charged with a lesser offense. Or, hopefully demonstrate that the evidence is flimsy and that should not warrant any charges to be made.

Our Longmont attorneys have helped countless individuals find resolution after being arrested or charged with a crime. If you need defense, please do not hesitate to contact us to request a free, confidential case evaluation.

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