How to Keep Your Pool Area Safe for Guests

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June 28, 2017

As temperatures rise in the summer, many Americans will shed their jackets and jeans for swim trunks and bikinis to enjoy the cool waters of their swimming pools. Barbecues and holidays will bring in friends and family and, as a pool owner, it’s your responsibility to keep the people on your property safe. A lack of safety measures can lead to spinal cord injuries, chemical burns, slip and fall accidents and even fatal drownings.

These are a few steps you can take to keep your pool area safe for guests:

  • Know the skill level of your guests: Keep an eye on children and inexperienced swimmers.
  • Be extra cautious when alcohol is involved: According to the CDC, 70% of adolescent and adult swimming pool deaths involved the use of alcohol. Alcohol can impair judgment, balance, coordination and breathing.
  • Create a pool safety tool kit: The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends creating a pool safety kit to have near your pool. The items in the tool kit should include a first aid kit, a pair of scissors, a charged cell phone, a rescue pole and hook and a flotation device.
  • Maintain the pool: Regularly check if your pool is up to standard. This means checking on the drain, steps, ladders, water filter, chemical feeder and motorized pump.
  • Install proper safety features: Install a proper barrier around the pool to prevent young children from gaining access without permission or supervision.
  • Enforce pool rules: Don’t allow guests, especially children, to continue to run around a pool or dive into the pool in the shallow end.
  • Know CPR and first aid procedures: CPR isn’t required to own a pool, but it is highly recommended. It can not only save someone’s life, it can also reduce the possibility of lasting effects from a drowning incident.

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