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March 15, 2017

Financially, divorces are complicated. They can drain all you’ve worked hard for, leaving you in a much worse situation than ever before. This is why it is important you head into a divorce as prepared as possible, anticipating the worst. Even if you and your future ex-spouse are as amicable as can be, you can never predict when things can take a left turn--which is why our Longmont family lawyers of Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. want to ensure we advise you as best as possible for the dos and don’ts of divorce.

Make sure to do the following in the midst of a divorce:

  • Close all joint accounts, so you aren’t held liable for any debt incurred by your future ex-spouse.
  • Notify all financial institutions of your divorce.
  • Obtain credit cards in your own name.
  • Investigate into your marital finances, so you can be up to date on how much is being earned, spent, invested, etc.

The following are things you should absolutely avoid during while you are in the midst of a divorce:

  • Don’t overshare the details of your relationship on social media. This can jeopardize the entire process.
  • Don’t immediately jump into a new relationship without having time to process the end of your marriage. This may complicate things even further, not just emotionally.
  • Don’t rely on shopping or spending as an emotional crutch. Overspending is common during divorce, because people want to make themselves feel better by going on a luxury trip or making a major purchase. However, you may be accused of dissipating assets, and you will need all of the savings possible once you are single.

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