Dangerous Roads in Colorado

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April 23, 2021

Colorado is a pretty big state in terms of geography, but most of the population is centered around the greater Denver metropolitan area. From Loveland to the north to Colorado Springs to the south, you can find most of the four-million-odd drivers in the state in this region. All of those drivers condensed in one area can make for some pretty busy – and dangerous – roads. Of course, leaving the city and going through some of the mountainous regions of Colorado can also expose you to some dangerous passes, roads, and highways, too.

A few of the more dangerous and notorious roads in Colorado are:

  • C-470: The 470 that effectively encircles Denver, Lakewood, Broomfield, Aurora, and the other cities in the area is one of the busiest roads in Colorado. On its eastern edge, it crosses right by the Denver International Airport, too, so there are drivers from around the world using this roadway. It comes as no surprise, then, that the Colorado State Patrol responds to hundreds of accidents on this highway each year. When considering the length of C-470, the number of lanes it contains on average, and the typical road and traffic conditions, highway safety groups often name it as the single most dangerous road in Colorado.
  • I-25: From north to south, the I-25 cuts right through the heart of the greater Denver metropolitan area. Due to its central positioning in the city, thousands of motorists use it each day, which lends to its higher day-to-day risks of getting into a crash with an inattentive driver.
  • I-70: Running perpendicular to the I-25 is the I-70, which actually bisects the entire state. There is a Traction Law in place for stretches of the I-70. Drivers without the appropriate tires or snow chains on their vehicles can be fined. The law was first conceived as a way to reduce the number of auto accidents that happen on the I-70 every year, many of which can be attributed to snow and ice on the road that catches unprepared drivers off-guard.
  • Loveland Pass: This relatively short mountainous route takes drivers to some of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado. Some people use it to intentionally bypass the I-70 when traffic conditions get rough there. However, Loveland Pass can also be dangerous due to its high altitude – 11,990 feet above sea level to be more exact – and the icy, windy conditions that are present most of the time.
  • Million Dollar Highway: The name of the Million Dollar Highway makes it seem like it will be a luxurious drive that is safe in any condition. Due to its altitude, length, and numerous sharp twists, the opposite is usually true. In an average year, there will be more than 20 car accidents along this highway.
  • Monarch Pass: Southwest of Denver and nestled in the Gunnison National Forest is Monarch Pass, which is part of the 50. Although safe driving is a must on all stretches of this highway, Monarch Pass is more notorious for being dangerous due to its turns and the possibility of encountering increased traffic near Monarch Mountain. Winter sports enthusiasts and tourists head to Monarch Mountain for snowy fun. Watch out for drivers leaving the Monarch Crest gift shop further south, too.

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