Divorce With a Special Needs Child

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April 9, 2021

Divorces are complicated. They become more complicated when there are children involved and even more so when one or more of those children have special needs. Complicated cases require a bit more attention to the small details. Here are some things to consider when preparing for a divorce with a special needs child.

To prepare for a divorce with a child or children with special needs, make sure that your attorney is aware of what goes in to the day-to-day care for the special needs child or children. Every family is different. The care that is required for a special needs child is unique to that child. It is important for your attorney to account for all aspects of care that your child requires.

Next, gather bills. All divorces require the gathering of financial records, but be sure to include the additional expenses that you have for your child. What expenses must be paid monthly for the child? How are they paid now? Are some expenses paid quarterly or annually? Does your child receive financial support or service benefits from any source? Are there requirements which need to be met to continue those benefits? To complete the divorce process, all expenses must be reallocated fairly.

Child support payments usually end at the age of nineteen in Colorado. However, if the child is mentally or physically disabled, payments, including payments for medical expenses or insurance or both, may continue past that age to provide for the child.

How does your child adapt to change? Is there equipment or medications which need to be available in both homes? Your parenting time arrangement should be tailored to meet your child’s needs which can include a transition period to your new parenting time plan.

For any child, with special needs or not, divorce is hard to understand. Talk to them about the new schedule and living arrangements in terms they can understand. Remind them that both parents still love them the same as before – very much.

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