Choosing The Motorcycle Helmet That's Right For You

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May 28, 2024

Few other experiences offer the sense of freedom and adventure that a motorcycle ride does. But as you're more exposed on a motorcycle, taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself in an accident or collision is essential. Your most important piece of motorcycle gear? Your helmet.

Here, we'll review five key areas to pay attention to when choosing the right motorcycle helmet for you.


Because motorcycle accidents do happen, the helmet's safety rating is the most crucial factor when choosing the right one for you.

What motorcycle helmets are the safest? Many riders look for DOT-certified options because they meet the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Look for options certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation for added peace of mind. Snell-certified helmets undergo additional testing and are held to higher standards regarding impact protection and overall structural integrity. That makes them the gold standard for riders who prioritize their safety.

Type of Riding

Are you a weekend cruiser, a cross-country trekker, or a daily commuter? Your type of motorcycle riding plays a crucial role in the helmet you choose.

Popular types of motorcycle helmets include:

Full Face

Full-face motorcycle helmets offer protection from rain, wind, rocks, and even bugs, and they’re necessary for riders traveling at high speeds. They're also quiet as more foam surrounds the ears and mouth.


Modular helmets protect a full-face helmet but also have the added convenience of a hinged chin bar that can easily be flipped up. The rider can drink, eat, or communicate without removing the helmet.


Dual-sport, sometimes known as "adventure," helmets are for riders who enjoy both on- and off-road excursions. Typically they feature a hybrid design of full-face and off-road helmets. They have a large visor to help with visibility and feature a peak to deflect debris.


Comfort is also a factor to consider. While a lightweight helmet can reduce neck strain and fatigue during long rides, it may do so at the expense of safety and durability. Shop around to strike the right balance between aerodynamics, weight, and protection.

For added comfort, explore the different accessories available for any potential choices, like padded chin straps and adjustable vents. Features like these can make all the difference during a long road trip.


Should a motorcycle helmet be tight or loose? Neither! You want it just right—it should fit snugly around your head without squeezing it tight or too loose.

Most helmet manufacturers offer sizing guidelines to help ensure a perfect fit, but here are a few general guidelines to help you check:

  • Cheek pads should be firm against your cheeks but without pressing tightly.
  • You should be able to move your head from side to side, up and down, without the helmet shifting excessively.
  • While it should fit snugly, there shouldn't be any pressure points around the crown of your head.
  • Once fastened, you should be able to fit one finger under the chin strap; anything tighter will be uncomfortable, and anything looser will not help keep the helmet on your head should you be involved in a motorcycle accident.


Finally, consider your budget. The most expensive helmet doesn't necessarily mean it's the safest, best option for you. Mid-range helmets typically cost between $200 and $500, but there are many options at many price points. Be sure to shop around; ensuring protection from injury is your top priority.

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