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Case Results


Pedestrian hit by an automobile in crosswalk resulting in a torn rotator cuff and multiple surgeries.


Motorcyclist cut-off by semi resulting in multiple injuries including pelvic fractures and nerve damage with associated surgeries.

$750,000 $750,000.00


Failure to construct 7 homes in a workman like manner.


Defective design on nine homes in a single subdivision


Log Lodge Exterior Issues


Motorcycle Accident


Foundation problem


Pedestrian hit by an automobile in parking lot resulting in a fractured leg, neck strain, and mild traumatic brain injury.


Cyclist hit by an automobile resulting in concussion and fractures of cheekbone, shoulder blade, and vertebrae



Slip and fall on ice resulting in wrist fracture and resulting surgeries.


Mild traumatic brain injury following rear-end collision.


Mold intrusions and structural issues .







Slip and fall on ice resulting in lower back, foot, and wrist problems with resulting surgeries.


Broadside collision caused by drunk driver resulting in aggravation of pre-existing back problems.


Pedestrian hit by an automobile in a crosswalk; policy limits.


Slip and fall accident resulting in ongoing back problems.


Assault resulting in shoulder and back injuries.


Consecutive auto accidents resulting in lower back pain.



T-bone accident resulting in a strained shoulder.

Represented mother in ongoing litigation regarding special needs children including parenting time, decision making, support and payment of expenses.

Assisted the parties in addressing all issues relating to division of assets and debts as well as parenting plan, and were able to resolve all issues without litigation

Divorce where father was not addressing his alcohol issues, we represented mother and procured orders protecting her from his drunken calls and appearances and set in place requirements for treatment and therapy prior to parenting time resuming. We also ensured that fathers’ financial obligations would be met.

Defended against father’s attempt to increase his parenting time when mother did not believe an increase was in the child’s best interests.

Assisted an aunt and uncle in getting guardianship over their niece when the child’s mother was unable to effectively care for her.

Client has significant alcohol dependency issues. We were able to take a high conflict separation, and negotiate scheduling where dad could still be an active effective father, while ensuring mother’s safety concerns were met, which stopped her from trying to block parenting time.

We won an order allowing mother to move out of state with the minor child despite father’s near constant barrage of objections and motions.

Successfully defended against mother’s claim that father hadn’t paid child support for over 10 years.