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When you hire a construction firm to build, renovate, or otherwise change your home or commercial property, you should be able to reasonably assume they will do a good job. You should at least assume your property will be habitable when they are done with their work. Yet construction defects happen all the time, leaving homeowners and business owners alike with potentially dangerous properties and thousands of dollars lost.

At Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., we stand up for property owners who have been defrauded by construction firms, contractors, developers, and more. If you are dealing with the headache of construction defects around your property, contact our Broomfield construction defect attorneys to see what you can do to set things right. You may be able to demand 100% of your damages through a construction defect claim, which we are capable of taking to litigation if necessary.

Common Examples of Construction Defects

A construction defect is essentially any problem with a construction project that persists after the job is apparently finished. Oftentimes, construction defects are not found immediately, but instead become apparent weeks, months, or even years later. In most cases, a construction defect is significant enough to be a safety and/or financial concern for the property owner who discovers it.

Some examples of common construction defects are:

Mediation or Arbitration May Be Necessary

In Colorado, there is a two-year statute of limitations to bring a claim against a construction company or other party that caused a construction defect in your property. Usually, you have two years from after you did or should have reasonably discovered the defect. However, the brief statute of limitations does not mean you should be hasty to file a lawsuit against those parties.

Commonly, homeowners and property owners who find a construction defect must first seek corrections from the responsible parties through typical business channels. In other words, you may be required to contact the liable construction company, notify them of the mistake, and request that they pay for any labor and equipment needed to fix it. If they refuse to accept liability for the construction defect, then you can file a claim against them.

Furthermore, your claim might be required to attempt mediation or arbitration before a Colorado court allows you to file a lawsuit. Colorado law has essentially taken multiple steps to leave your construction defect case out of the courtroom. Make certain you are compliant with all state regulations when you pursue compensation by leaving everything up to our Broomfield construction defect attorneys. We are here to guide you each step of the way, from the day you find a construction defect and up to litigation if that becomes necessary.

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