How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

  • Personal Injury
February 5, 2024

You may want to share your experience with others on social media after an event in which you are the victim. It can be a double-edged sword if you’re involved in a personal injury case.

On the one hand, social media can help you garner support and raise awareness about your situation. But on the other hand, opposing parties can use the information you share to bolster their side. It can hurt your personal injury case.

What You Should Know

When you’re involved in a personal injury case, sharing your journey on social media can open the door for exploitation by opposing parties. What you post can be scrutinized and used against you in the legal process in several ways.

Social Media Can Be Evidence

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) are platforms that attorneys and insurance companies often use to gather information to contradict your claim. For example, they may use your social media posts as evidence to suggest your injuries are not as severe as you allege they are.

It Can Cast Doubt On Your Credibility

Opposing attorneys will look for inconsistencies between what you post on social media and the claims made in court. They hope to challenge your credibility and potentially influence the court’s decision.

There’s a Risk of Misinterpretation

What you post on social media platforms can be easily misconstrued, manipulated, or taken out of context, potentially influencing the court’s perception.

The Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re involved in a personal injury case, we recommend being extremely vigilant about what you share online.


  • Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney, like those here at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.
  • Review your privacy settings and take measures to restrict access to your social media accounts.
  • Think twice before posting, even if you’ve buttoned up your privacy settings.
  • Notify friends and family about the sensitivity of your situation and ask them to refrain from sharing your information on their social media accounts.
  • Seek emotional support privately rather than online.


  • Discuss your case or share details of the accident, injuries, or ongoing legal proceedings. Reserve this for private discussions with your attorney.
  • Share medical information, including your condition, severity of injuries, and treatment.
  • Delete posts. This action may be perceived as an attempt to conceal information.
  • Criticize or leave negative comments about any other parties involved in your case.
  • Ignore your attorney’s advice. Their guidance is crucial.

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