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When gas, oil, or valuable minerals are discovered under a piece of real property, it can seem people and companies are eager to make a mad grab for a portion of the potential profits. In the haste. To make certain your rights are not trampled or overlooked in the process, work with Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. and our Broomfield oil and gas lien attorneys. We are familiar with all clauses and regulations involved with Colorado’s oil and gas lien statutes.

Colorado’s Wordy Gas & Oil Lien Law

Colorado Statute § 38-24-101 details what parties can make a claim over property through a gas or oil lien and why. The entire statute is one 253-word sentence, marking it as one of the most legalese-heavy pieces of legislation in the state’s lawbooks. Perhaps needless to say, you might not have the time or legal understanding to sort through the details of the statute. Allow us to step in and help you gain a clearer understanding of this statute, what, how, and why it regulates what it does.

Who has the right to an oil or gas lien?

  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Laborers
  • Corporations
  • Construction firms

The right is further extended to practically anyone and any party that provides or uses equipment, tools, and machinery on an oil well, derrick, pipeline, or tanker. Even people hired to transport materials to and from an oilfield have the right to create or use an oil or gas lien. Essentially, if your company is involved in any measurable way with the creation, production, or operation of an oil- or gas-related facility, then Colorado extends the right to place a lien on wells and equipment to you.

Why Would You Place or Use a Lien?

When you work on an oilfield, rig, or well after signing a contract or entering a verbally implied contract, you are guaranteed to your fair pay as agreed upon. If the company that contracted your work does not pay you fairly and as by the contract, written or unwritten, then you have the right to put a lien on certain pieces of equipment if not the oil well itself. Similar extensions are granted to construction firms and workers involved with sites extracting valuable minerals and ores.

Liens placed on the equipment and jobsites effectively give you ownership of those pieces of property until your matter of payment is resolved correctly. It is similar to how a financial institution can place a lien on your home or automobile when you take a loan. If you fail to pay the loan in an agreed-upon manner, then the lien can trigger and grant possession to that financial institution.

As your legal counsel, we will help you enforce your gas and oil lien, so you and your firm get paid accordingly. We can look through your contracts, interview interested third parties, and more to get to the truth and uphold your best interests.

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For more than 30 years, Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. has represented companies and contractors to enforce oil and gas liens, as well as speak up for them in mineral rights disputes. However, we have also been on the other side of the case, defending oil and gas companies from invalid lien claims that should never have been placed in the first place. No matter how you are involved in a gas or oil dispute and lien complication, you can trust us to guide you through the legal procedures that await.

Putting your oil and gas lien or mineral rights dispute case in our hands, you free your own for other tasks, like running your construction company. As a company that worked on an oil or gas field, you are entitled to your fair payment, and you can place liens on certain properties until you are paid. It will be our job as your legal representatives to help you correctly manage those liens, get paid, and protect your best interests from any legal backlash or complications.

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