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One of the great things that we have is that our firm is like a family. We’ve been together for the most part for a very long time. For all of the partners it’s been a very long time. MATTHEW: What separates us from other firms in the area is our ability to handle a large variety of things rather than focusing on one particular practice area. We do have specialization – we have many attorneys that specialize in different things, so it’s a firm that you can come to with basically any legal need and find someone that can help you. GERALD: Attorneys need to have litigation experience so they can accurately advise clients. It’s more than just the idea that you have a claim, it’s along two different lines: one line is that what’s the damages, or what’s the calculation of your probable return, and the other side is what’s going to be the emotional toll on the participants. TODD: I often have folks who come in for a divorce case who later need will work or estate planning work. We can provide that. Oftentimes there’s a little carryover from people who are involved with the legal system in criminal matters. REBECCA: In addition to that, we’re ready to jump in and help each other and cover for each other. There will be someone there who knows about their case, who’s ready to be there and be strong for them, and they don’t have to wait a day or wait a week just to get a response because their attorney is out. It’s one of the definite benefits of our firm.