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Meet Anne Jorgensen

My name is Anne Jorgensen, and I am the managing partner and a senior shareholder in the firm. I work with a lot of the staff on firm-wide office issues, as well as I have a practice of my own which covers estate planning, elder law issues, and probate litigation. I’ve been practicing law since 1997, and since I got out of law school I’ve really focused my area of practice on those three core areas: estate planning, probate litigation, and elder law. I started originally doing some probate litigation, and then from there, I ran into people who needed help with Medicaid planning or with veterans benefits planning. As I came up with each new area, I went out and did the research and figured out what those clients needed to know, what were the requirements in those areas, what education did I need, and I went out and I added those layers so that I became very proficient in those areas.