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Criminal Defense

My name is Matt Crowther. I’ve been at the firm since 2008. I’ve been a shareholder since 2010. I started out from a criminal prosecution background and transitioned into a criminal defense practice. Perhaps even before you’re arrested, sometimes if you understand that you’re being investigated, then it makes sense to contact a lawyer at that point before you say things that may come back to haunt you. Typically what I advise people is if they’re being investigated and it’s an investigation that they didn’t cause to occur, then it makes sense to be represented at that phase. If you’re arrested and you’ve already been charged, then certainly that makes sense as well in order to have meaningful discussions and obtain the benefit of discussing the case with a District Attorney and plea negotiations you would definitely want to be represented. It helps especially in the criminal defense perspective to see what the prosecution is looking at as far as resolving cases or talking them to trial. In order to make an argument with a prosecuting lawyer, either the District Attorney or the Attorney General or a municipal prosecutor, it’s important to understand what’s motivating them. So by working in those agencies I have a good understanding of that, and I’m able to use that for my clients’ benefit.