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Business Law

Primarily the business types that I work with are small businesses. Common legal issues that a new business owner runs into are going to be those start up pains: paying too much on a lease, investing too much into some kind of capital improvement or machinery before they’ve established a cash flow to cover that, etc. Trusting employees is going to be one of the big things. In the majority of collapses of small businesses it’s usually because of some kind of fellow, partner, or employee dishonesty right up front. What I can do is overall look at it from the standpoint that I was a small business owner before I became an attorney. I also have an accounting degree and background, and so that helps for me to take a peek at what they’re trying to do and give them a little bit of non-accounting advice from the standpoint of “if this is going to be a problem, where is that problem probably going to arise?” And then, from the other side, from being an attorney for a long time and seeing what works well and what doesn’t work well. I can give them a lot of advice that is going to be more valid than what they can read in a magazine on how to start your own business.