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Guidance for Appeals Cases from a Passionate Advocate

When it comes to our clients our attorneys are passionate advocates in their criminal defense cases, but cases do not always go the way that we want them to for any number of reasons. This is when appellate court may be a good option for your case. When your initial case verdict is handed down there is typically an option to appeal the decision if you believe it was not in the scope of the law, or if there was an instance where unfair judging took place.

In criminal cases, courts typically grant appeals depending on the severity and conditions of the trial that took place. However, when one is in civil court the plaintiff may not ask for an appeal once the verdict is passed, in civil cases only the defendant has the ability to overturn a decision that was made in appellate court.

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Taking Your Appeal to Court

When appealing a case it is important to remember the process you are about to go through, cases are only subject to appeal during a certain time frame after the initial verdict was handed down. Once the verdict is handed down the court will inform you if you are eligible for appealing the verdict. However, once an individual appeals their case there are no longer any avenues to take if they are unsatisfied with their verdict.

In extremely rare cases the case could be sent up to the Supreme Court, but these are typically for cases that hold some kind of legal or national importance. Having the proper legal counsel could be the difference in your future. With 30 years of experience our criminal defense attorneys have the experience and knowledge to get you the best possible results in your case.

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