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Have you received a negative verdict in a criminal or civil case? If you have and the verdict that doesn’t seem right, then it is time to give a Longmont appeals attorney a call. At Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., our experienced and aggressive attorneys help our clients through custom case strategies that will hold your priorities at the forefront.

The Appeals Process

To be eligible for an appeal an individual must first go through the lower district circuit court that would pass a verdict before any appeal may take place. Typically, a case is heard in a lower court and if a verdict is passed that is unfavorable then there is a chance to appeal the decision in appellate court.

Types of appeals include:

  • Criminal If you are charged with a crime you will typically need a trial attorney that can represent you in the lower courts depending on the severity of the charge. However, if your verdict is then passed down with unfavorable results you may be up for an appeal where you will stand before an appellate court to plead your case.
  • CivilCivil courts deal with non-criminal cases typically brought forth by another citizen of that state. Appeals in civil court cannot be brought forth by a plaintiff, only by the defendant. For example a plaintiff cannot appeal a decision made against the defendant, but a defendant may appeal a decision made against them.

In addition, if any appeal is returned with a verdict that is still unacceptable then the case may be filed under the state’s Supreme Court; note that this only takes place in extremely rare circumstances where the case holds state or national importance to the rule of law.

Defending Your Future

It is always important to note that when a case is appealed, no new evidence or witnesses may be presented. Typically, the appeals process is to repair an error in judgment concerning the law or to correct trial procedures that were not followed.

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