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Father’s Rights in Broomfield, CO

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Colorado child custody laws are considered “gender blind,” and both fathers and mothers not only have a right to a relationship with their children the statute encourages shared parenting rights and responsiblities. Judges apply the “best interests of the children” standard in making decisions about parenting time and decision making, and fathers need not be concerned about facing an uphill legal battle to get equitable time with their children, as long as they know their rights and the steps necessary to present the best case to the court.

Whether establishing paternity, starting a divorce, or moving through rounds of modifications to prior parenting plans, it’s important to be able to set out for the court each of the factors in the best interests standards with proof that’s clear and admissible in court.

Our Broomfield fathers' rights attorneys at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. can help fathers obtain the best possible results in their cases. Fathers are an important and necessary part of a child’s life, not only for financial support, but for emotional needs, education, and love. Studies show children raised with two caring parents have a benefit over children without active care givers. We are here to provide experienced and knowledgeable legal advice and representation for Fathers wanting to make the most of their time with their children.

What Are Father’s Rights?

Psychology, educational studies, and now the courts have moved away from the old thoughts that mothers provided some magic maternal care without which children would falter, and which could not be provided by anyone else. We now know that children develop positive language, cognitive, and social skills when the father is intimately involved. Studies also show that although divorce or separation itself does not hurt children, conflict and ongoing battles between the parents does. Getting clear orders which grow with the children is important to keep Father’s involved and limit the conflict and ongoing nature of custody issues.

The following are certain rights fathers have in Colorado family law matters:

  • The right parenting time and decision making authority – Fathers may seek any type of parenting time and decision making arrangements. If it is not possible to reach an agreement with the child’s mother, you can ask the family court to decide on the matter. Parenting time is what was formerly termed visitation, and looks at the time spent with both parents including the weekly schedule, and summers and holidays. Decision making is what was considered custody, and outlines how decisions are made for the children such as their choice of schools, medical care professionals, therapists, and participation in extracurricular activities.
  • The right to enforce an order– If the mother continuously withholds parenting time or unilaterally makes decisions about the child, the father can ask to court to enforce the order.
  • The right to modify orders – As your child grows, parenting time may need to be expanded or is a significant change in circumstances occurs, the parenting plan may need to be adjusted altogether. Fathers have the right to request modification or changes to current court orders.
  • The right to request child support payments – Colorado’s child support is pursuant to a guideline which considers each parent’s gross income from all sources, the number of overnights with each parent, expenses for the child such as health insurance and child care, and a few other factors. Child support is the right of the child’s to receive, and both parents owe this duty of support. If Father is the primary care provider or is the lower wage earner, child support may be paid to him so the child’s needs are met in both homes.
  • The right to paternity testing – Whether you’re requesting testing because you’re not sure the child is yours or requesting it so you can establish parenting time, testing is available and can be ordered by the court.

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If you are a father who needs help asserting your rights, our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of Colorado law to guide you through the complexities of your case. We can help you secure a continuous and loving relationship with your child.

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