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Colorado law allows real estate brokers to practice law only to the extent that they can draft contracts to buy and sell real estate on a Colorado Real Estate Commission approved form. Real estate brokers are not allowed to deviate from the form or create significant addendums or additional clauses without the assistance of an attorney. This does not mean that attorneys are in any way precluded from drafting contracts or buying and selling real estate.

In recent years, more and more sellers and buyers of homes have been able to work out a deal without the assistance of and without the commissions paid to real estate brokers. Online listing services such as Zillow have empowered sellers to become For Sale By Owner (FSBO) pros. If you need real estate contract assistance, we at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. have the tools and skills you need to successfully complete real estate transactions.

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Engaging a Longmont real estate attorney on an hourly basis to draft the contracts can be a very cost effective way of closing the deal. At Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., we have participated in hundreds of successful property sales usually at a fraction of the cost of a commission broker.

Dealing with a Real Estate Transaction? Seek the Help of a Licensed Real Estate Broker.

We use Colorado Real Estate Commission approved forms to streamline the process. We also have a shareholder who has been a licensed real estate broker since 1985 and who teaches classes on contract formation and other real estate issues to attorneys as well as real estate brokers. Our hands-on and personalized approach to real estate law can make you feel at ease regarding the direction of your case and your real estate goals.

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