Proven Results During 25 Years of Experience

Our firm has 25 years of experience, which has allowed us to tackle cases of the most complicated nature. Our Longmont lawyers are well-versed regarding the various practice areas we tackle at our firm. Whether we are negotiating or litigating on behalf of a client in court, we are relentless and passionate. Our strategic problem-solving and hands-on approach has resulted in countless successful results. Our impressive track record speaks volumes about our legal abilities and client dedication. We realize that many of our clients are initially overwhelmed and confused about their legal issues. This is why we take care of all the details and paperwork. We guide them through each step of the legal process to ensure their peace of mind.

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If you have any questions regarding the direction of your case, our firm can provide you with the answers you are looking for. With our help, you can become better informed about your options and rights. Let us help you work toward an effective and timely resolution. Our Longmont office is located at 900 South Main Street #100 Longmont, CO 80501.

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