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Liens are a powerful remedy for non-payment, but it is critical to prepare and file the lien correctly. Making a mistake can cost you your ability to recover payment on your debt owed. We at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. have extensive knowledge of the statutes and laws that are involved. Because we have an established practice in both construction law and creditor bankruptcy, we offer a valuable perspective and depth of understanding of debtor-creditor issues that few firms in the area can offer.

Our team of experienced Longmont lien attorneys regularly provides legal services to both file and defend lien actions.

Depending on the situation, we may assist you in:

  • Preparing a notice of intent to file a lien statement
  • Recording a lien statement
  • Instituting or defending lien foreclosure actions
  • Discharging liens
  • Removing liens using bonds
  • Drafting of non-liability notices
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Need Help with Agistor's/Cattle Liens?

Under the Agistor's Lien Act, C.R.S. § 38-20-201, an agistor or livestock boarder may place a lien upon the livestock under its care to recover any debts owed for the feeding, herding, pasturing, keeping, ranching, or boarding of such livestock. The lien may also include amounts due for the medical care for the livestock, as well as attorney fees and costs.

Our experienced attorneys can assist you with:

  • Filing your agistor's lien with the secretary of state or county clerk
  • Drafting a notice of demand
  • Commencing or responding to agistor's foreclosure actions
  • Negotiating a compromise of payments due

Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. will work with you to ensure that all of your lien issues are handled quickly, professionally, and in accordance with the state of Colorado's lien laws.

Addressing Judgment Liens

Once a creditor obtains a judgment against a debtor, the creditor has a variety of legal avenues to collect that debt. One way is through a judgment lien, which attaches to a debtor's real estate under Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-52-102. When the real estate is sold, the creditor can then collect the portion of the proceeds for the debt owed. Whether you are trying to collect on a debt or have had a lien filed against you, we can work with you to ensure that the complex lien statutes and legal requirements are met and a fair resolution is achieved on your behalf.

Handling Mechanic's Liens Issues

A mechanic's lien, sometimes called a construction lien or a materialman's lien in other states, is a security interest in real property to ensure payment for work rendered or materials incorporated into the property. If the property owner does not pay, then the general contractor, trade subcontractor, construction worker, or material supplier can file a lien against the real property with the county's clerk and recorder. If the debt ultimately remains unpaid, then the lien may be foreclosed by filing suit and the property taken.

What Are Oil & Gas Liens?

Our firm has construction and property lawyers that know how to navigate Colorado's oil and gas lien statutes. Oil and gas liens, codified by Colorado's Wells and Equipment Lien statute C.R.S. § 38-24-101 et seq., provide lien rights to those performing labor or furnishing machinery, material, fuel, explosives, power, or supplies for certain oil and gas properties.

Common properties that may be subject to oil and gas liens are:

  • Wells
  • Derricks
  • Tanks
  • Pipelines

While oil and gas liens are similar in nature to general mechanic's liens, there are many nuances that can prove costly if you are not familiar with the differences. For instance, the lien does not attach to the proceeds of severed oil and gas interests and does not attach to the mineral interests themselves, unless the owner of the mineral interests was also a party to the contract with the lien claimant. The statute also excludes certain service providers from being able to impose a lien. Whether you are defending against an invalid lien claim or asserting your lien rights, our team of attorneys can handle your oil and gas lien issues from start to finish.

Offering Tax Lien Assistance

Tax liens can be imposed only by government entities. Federal and state tax liens can be imposed to collect unpaid federal or state taxes. A county can impose a lien for unpaid property taxes. By the time a tax lien has been imposed, the taxpayer's account is in collection status and it may no longer be possible to dispute the amount of the tax debt. However, there are still some options available. In the case of unpaid income taxes, either federal or state, our tax attorneys can assist with an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise may reduce your tax debt. Once payments under an offer in compromise are completed, the tax lien can be removed.

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