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A living will is a set of instructions concerning what medical actions should be taken in the event that you are no longer able to make decisions or are otherwise incapacitated. Generally, a living will provides directions about the course of medical treatment. A living will may express the person's desire not to be kept alive through the use of medical technology when the person is in a terminal condition and unable to communicate the person's wishes to decline further treatment. In addition, a living will may forbid certain kinds of treatment.

A living will can provide instruction as to whether to:

  • Be kept pain free
  • Resuscitated if your heart stops
  • Receive blood transfusion
  • Receive an organ transplant

Why Are Living Wills Beneficial?

Living wills can be beneficial because it can spare your family from making difficult life-and-death decisions on your behalf. Additionally, living wills can minimize the likelihood that there will be disagreements within your family about what to do. Our skilled Longmont estate planning attorneys can draw up your wishes and instructions for treatment. We will take care of all the paperwork so that you don't feel stressed or overwhelmed by the process.

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