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If you are a developer, general contractor, or subcontractor with a claim, or if you have had a claim asserted against you, it is essential that you act quickly before your substantive rights are adversely impacted. Our legal team has experience with every manner of dispute relating to the construction industry, including:

At Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C., our Longmont construction law lawyers take great pride in our skills. The law is a complex mechanism that is constantly evolving, and our attorneys are well-prepared to represent property owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, material venders, and equipment providers in all sizes and types of construction projects.

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Common Issues in Construction Law

Contractors or construction companies can be held accountable for the following defects:

  • Mold. Water intrusion can lead to a high moisture content within a building, which can cause harmful mold growth, wood deterioration, dry rot, and other issues.
  • Faulty drainage. Without a functioning drainage system, floods can occur causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.
  • Basement flooding. Inadequately installed drainage or sewer systems can cause major floods in the lowest level of a home.
  • Window leaks. Windows that are not properly sealed could let in moisture that can damage the inside of the building.
  • Cracks in the foundation or floors. Major cracks indicate a problem with the building’s foundation and could be a sign of a very expensive problem.
  • Settling or rising foundations. The foundation supports the entire structure of a building. A defect could mean that the entire building is in danger of collapse.
  • Improperly installed electrical systems. Improperly installed electrical systems are a major fire hazard.
  • Stucco moisture. Stucco should last the life of the home, but if it is not properly installed, moisture can penetrate tiny cracks and cause the underlying material to rot and grow toxic mold.
  • Roof leaks. Roof leaks are the most common problems that can occur and are often the result of a bad design or workmanship.

Any deficiency in the design or construction of a building that results in property damage is grounds for a legal claim. Mistakes like failing to properly lay a building’s foundation, properly insulate or seal, or install safe wiring can severely affect not only a property’s value, but the safety of all who reside or conduct business in it. Property owners should not have to be responsible for the financial burden of repairing a contractor’s mistakes.

Assisting Small Construction Businesses

Construction projects are made up of many different phases and involve many different trades. Most construction companies are small businesses that specialize in a single trade and only work on a single phase of an entire project. These companies must work closely with other construction companies to ensure that the project is constructed timely and in a workmanlike manner. If a single company fails in its construction phase, the entire project can be jeopardized, often resulting in legal action against all of the companies involved in the project. Generally, even when a lawsuit is initiated, the construction must continue.

As a small business, your construction company should be focused on day-to-day operations and being the best in your trade, not meeting court deadlines and pleading legal arguments. We can take charge of the legal issues your construction company faces. From drafting contracts and filing mechanic's liens to handling complex construction litigation, our construction attorneys are experienced in protecting the legal rights of small construction businesses just like yours.

Safeguarding You from Potential Financial Losses

Our Longmont construction lawyers maintain relationships with specifically focused and litigation tested experts to help build your case. If your case concerns a poor roofing job, a new garage that doesn't meet specifications, or a foundation sinking into the earth below, don't sit back and wait for the problem to solve itself.

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