Alcohol Businesses

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Any business that serves, handles, transports, or otherwise involves itself with alcohol will need additional permits to do so legally. There may also be strict regulations regarding how the business can conduct itself with patrons and clientele. Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. and our Longmont business law attorneys can provide trusted legal guidance for your alcohol business, allowing you to operate without the fear of legal repercussions due to inadvertent mistakes and misunderstandings.

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Legal Counseling from Start to Finish

Running an effective and profitable alcohol business is not a fast process. It requires dedication, planning, and preparation from the first step. With our vast knowledge of business law and how to form specific businesses, we can be there for you from the very beginning and stay with you, even after your business is thriving.

Let us help your alcohol business with:

  • Formation: What type of business you are opening will heavily affect the rest of the steps of creating it. Some business types are PLLC, LLC, partnerships, and so on. Small alcohol establishments will probably not need to get into the complicated types of business models but should still know all available options.
  • Licensing: Each business needs particular licenses to operate legally. An alcohol business will need, not surprisingly, a liquor license in addition to all the rest. Not obtaining the right liquor license or failing to update it when necessary can quickly lead to serious legal trouble.
  • Contracts: Let us work through any and all business-related contracts for your alcohol business. One contract type of main concern for you will likely be third-party vendor contracts, which set up expectations between your establishment and alcohol-providers.
  • Employee contracts: You need to regulate how your employees behave themselves and how they are to be treated. As a business selling alcohol, your top concern might be ensuring your employees are trained well enough to know to always ID minors and never sell them alcohol. If you do not take care of your end of training them in this manner, your business could be liable for any consequences related to selling to a minor.
  • General counsel: After your business is up and running, our Loveland business lawyers can continue to provide general counsel and representation as issues come up. Remember that no matter how thorough you are, there will be more business law issues later on. No one can prepare for absolutely everything that can happen.
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There can be many legal pitfalls when creating or running an alcohol business. Our goal is to get you around them with as little stress and cost to you as possible. Contact our Longmont alcohol business attorneys today to talk to us about the kind of company you want to start or already manage. With more than 25 years of legal experience behind us, you know you can trust our team to take care of your business.