Blog Posts in 2018

  • Common Misconceptions Related to DUI

    Posted By Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.

    15 Oct. 2018

    Being pulled over by a police officer for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) can be an alarming experience. However, being armed with knowledge in advance can be helpful in ensuring your rights are protected. There are multiple misconceptions surrounding DUI’s in Colorado. For instance, what is the legal limit? Should you voluntary submit to roadside sobriety tests? Should you ...
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  • Who Pays for the Children's College Education?

    Posted By Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.

    7 Sep. 2018

    While divorce means the end of marriage, it is not the end of parenting responsibilities and the concerns you may have for your children and their futures. While the immediate milestones are most likely at the forefront of your mind, long-term considerations such as college should also be addressed in your divorce settlement. In Colorado, when parents get divorced or determine parenting nights and ...
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  • Tip-Pooling: Are you in compliance with both Colorado and Federal law?

    Posted By Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.

    4 Sep. 2018

    It is common practice among restaurants and other hospitality businesses to participate in tip-pooling. The act of tip pooling describes a procedure wherein all tipped employees put their tips together and the tips are then split amongst the employees. Despite the commonality of this practice, there are several legal discrepancies that many are unaware of. While Colorado law may permit the ...
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  • SEC Charges Unregistered Brokers Who Sold Woodbridge Group Products

    Posted By Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.

    30 Aug. 2018

    Unregistered Brokers Generated Millions by Unlawfully Selling Woodbridge Securities On August 20, 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged 5 people and 4 companies associated with the Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC of selling unregistered securities. Investigation by the SEC reveals that the company has been operating a widespread Ponzi scheme, and owners have generated more ...
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  • Attorney Anita Jain Selected for 2018 AIOFLA "10 Best in Colorado for Client Satisfaction"

    Posted By Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.

    6 Aug. 2018

    Attorney Anita Jain of Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. in Longmont has a reputation for providing our family law clients with compassionate yet effective representation for family law disputes and divorce cases. Through her many years of practice experience, she has been able to guide clients to amicable resolutions for even the most high-stakes and sensitive of legal matters. Whenever she ...
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